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The Adelphi


Client: Bespoke Residences

Built in the 1930s and situated on 21 Bellair Road, Adelphi Court as it was formally known, is one of the many prized Art Deco buildings in Vredehoek - an area renowned for its rare collection of Art Deco architecture. This was an era where design pushed boundaries and was more exuberant, more conceptual, and more progressive. It was a movement characterised by a wide variety of styles and influences, from geometric Cubism, to 18th century French and Eastern design, all brought together by the desire to be modern. An era of design that is deserving of our respect and preservation. A LOOK INTO THE PAST. A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE. It is fitting then, that Adelphi Court be reborn as a modern, innovative, one of a kind residential development, poised to become an architectural landmark in its own right 

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Project Team :

Xico Meirelles, Shaun Heeger,

Jacques Cleghorn

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