Banks – Absa, Investec, NBS,


Cash Centres – Absa

Goodwood & Brackenfell

Central Government – DPW –

Dept Arts & Culture, DPW –

Dept. of Correctional Services,

DPW – Dept. Justice, DPW –

Dept. of Defence – Navy &

DPW – Police

Commercial – Absa, Avis,

Abland, Bellandia, Berman

Bros, Business Place, Coessa,

Emira, Eris, Excellent Meat,

Faircape, FNB, Gateway,

Madison, Plaisir du Jardin,

Redefine, RMBP, Shell, Spear,

Solomon Bros, Sujean, Syfin,

Swish, Prime Media, Viglietti &


Community – Colorado Park &

Imizamu Yethu

Cultural – Baxter Theater, DPW

– Dept Arts & Culture, LFA,

Lesotho Dept of Arts & Culture,


Heritage – DPW – Dept Arts &

Culture, DPW – Dept Justice,

DPW – Dept of Correctional

Services, DPW – Dept of

Defense (Navy), Improvon, RIM

& Solomon Bros

Hospitality – Solomon Bros &

Sandak-Lewin, Ryan Joffe

Industrial – Excellent Meat,

Gateway, HWS Industrials,

Kulsom Paper, Madison, Rabie,

SA Metal, Seardel & Sujean
Interiors – Absa, Berman Bros,

Eco Ventures, Excellent Meat, Faircape, Sassi & Solomon

Local Government – 2004

Bidco, CCT & SPA
Mixed Use – Absa, Berman

Bros, Eco Ventures, Emira, Eris, Faircape, Fairvest, Madison, Redefine, RMBP, Sassi,

Solomon Bros, Spear, Sujean,

Swish, Tiber, Vunani & Zitis,

Ryan Joffe Properties, The

Nova Group
Refrigeration / Meat & Seafood processing – Excellent Meat,

Busy Corner Meat, Fairview

Meat & Seafood Processing
Religious – Catholic Education

Aid Program, El Shaddai

chapel, Gatesville Mosque

interiors & Table View 7th Day Adventist church

Residential – Aska, Berman

Bros, Eco Ventures, Eurocape, Faircape, NBS, Rabie, Solomon

Bros, SA Metal, Sujean, Swish,

Tiber & Two Oceans,The

iGroup, Grid Group
Retail – China Town Trust,

Faircape, Fairvest, Redefine,

Plaisir du Jardin, V&AW & Zara,

DA Realty, The IGroup
Retirement – Cotran, CPOA,

Faircape & Shire,
Public Sector – City of Cape


Justice, Police
Parastatal – ACSA, Armscor,

CSIR, Intersite & Prasa, National Nuclear Regulator
Provincial Government – PGWC Western Cape
Self-Storage – Sassi, Faircape & Acucap
Schools – Herzlia, El Shaddai, Talfallah & Buren High
Sports – Gugulethu, ‘Goals’ & Imizamu Yethu
Transportation – ACSA & Avis
Universities – City Varsity, UCT, Stellenbosch University &

University of Johannesburg
Urban Design – Madison, Swish

& Shire

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